Our speciality: Italy

Italy, our second home


What we can offer you:


  • We can provide a flexible, up-to-date, and reliable solution at all times, due to our knowledge of the local shipping and business environment
  • We communicate with Italian companies in their mother tongue.


Express shipping


  • We can deliver your goods within 24 hours
  • SONDER shipments primarily for automotive companies
  • Express groupage shipping for both export and import


Full truckload and less-than-truckload shipments


  • Sűrű partnerhálózatunknak köszönhetően hatékonyan, gyorsan és biztonságosan juttatjuk célba áruját, akár már 24 órán belül a megadott címre.
  • Just in Time és időkapus megoldásokat is kínálunk.


Italien traditional groupage


  • If you have small amounts of cargo, we can place it alongside other goods in the hold to ensure that you receive your shipment in the most cost-effective manner possible.
  • We collect your goods on a weekly basis, departing on Fridays, in the case of both export and import shipments.
  • We also provide cargo insurance services.

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