Transport of dangerous goods – ADR


  • Ghibli Ltd offers shipping services for dangerous goods on a weekly basis, since a part of our fleet is equipped with platform lifts and other facilities necessary to transport dangerous goods /ADR/

Industrial waste shipments


Thanks to our fleet of industrial-waste-ready vehicles and to our permits, we offer solutions even for the removal of dangerous industrial wastes.

We provide both domestic and international waste transport services – whether the waste is dangerous or not.

Bulk freight services


  • We provide international shipping for agricultural crops and grains.
  • We take out special cargo insurance for each grain shipment we make.
  • The tracking of the goods is carried out over the phone.

Delivery of Oversize Loads


The versatility of our vehicle fleet allows the compilation of large goods vehicles most fitting for the task at hand. Thanks to this, we can offer optimal solutions to our customers in terms of both technology and cost-efficiency.

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