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For freighters

SPOT / Occasionally

We provide options for our subcontracting partners, in addition to long-term assignments, carrying out ad hoc transport assignments too. The terms of the cooperation will be tailored to your needs in a flexible way.

Actual transport tasks:

Export and Central and Eastern Europe:
         HU-EU, HU-Balkan, HU-Baltic, V4-HU, RO-HU

Southern Europe import/EU:
         IT, SI, ES, PT

North-West Europe import/EU:
         DE, FR, BNL, GB, AT, DK, CH, FI, SE, NO

CHARTER / Constant

Forget about insecurity, choose a reliable freight forwarding partner! If you have free capacity and you looking to perform some tasks as a subcontractor, please fill in the following sheet.

Highlighted charter capacity:

40 tonnes tarpaulin normal/mega assembly

We primarily use vehicles in the following categories:

  • 3,5 t – 40 t truck with a tarpaulin
  • min. EURO 5 classification
    ADR license is an advantage

Advantages of Ghibli group of companies:

  • Reliable financial background: OPTEN AAA assessment
  • Assistance in foreign languages when working abroad
  • Competitive fees, flexible payment structure, factor setting option
  • we provide continous transports inside the EU member states with 5-21 days transit time

Contact us: