Ghibli’s actions and suggested actions for the Italian situation

Ghibli as an experienced freight-forwared on the Italian market has taken immediate actions to ensure that our customers’ orders are fulfilled with the best possible conditions in spite of the vis mayor situation caused by the corona virus.

We can support our clients with the following:

• provide increased number of native Italian-speaking staff to ensure the co-ordination with the loading and unloading points in Italy

• ensure warehouse space/storage capacity to store the increased inventory

• deliver and pick up your goods to and from warehouses that are not in the quarantined part of Italy

• provide continuous information and tracking of the goods

We recommend that you:

• place your orders much earlier than usual

• order as many goods as possible as other cities may be subject to quarantine

• take into consideration all of the following when planning your order: there might be traffic jams, increased waiting times, less truck capacity and possibly unexpected road closures.

If you need our help, please call us now.

Additional information:
Based on the decision of the Italian government and the provincial president of Veneto and Lombardy, in the areas of the following regions infected with the corona virus:

• 26845 Codogno
• 26823 Castiglione d’Adda
• 26841 Casalpusterlengo
• 26861 Fombio
• 26847 Maleo
• 26867 Somaglia
• 26821 Bertonico
• 26827 Terranova dei Passerini
• 26844 Castelgerundo
• 26848 San Fiorano
• 35030 Vo Euganeo

police-controlled quarantine has been introduced that can also be enforced by the military in case it’s needed in order to control the epidemic.







You cannot enter nor leave these cities. Due to the to potential further spread of the epidemic, these measures may be introduced at any time in other regions and other municipalities in case the situation gets worse.

We will keep you updated as new information becomes available.