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We support young, talented and successful engineers

Ghibli Ltd plays a crucial role in supporting sports events. This year, we have engaged with the Arrabona Racing Team, participating in Formula Student Hungary.

Formula Student Hungary is an international engineering competition whose goal is to design and build a formula car and introduce it into a fictional market created by university students. The competition series consists of matches worldwide, where university students test their skills using racing cars designed by themselves and present their work to a jury.

The Arrabona Racing Team operates with a professional project outlook: on the one hand, the car is designed, manufactured and tested by them. On the other hand, however, this would not work without the other central pillar of this project: the work of the management department, which provides the financial background and performs business tasks.

At this year’s competition, the team sponsored by Ghibli Ltd won a special prize: the Mechanical Scientific Association’s prize to support independent development. By awarding the prize, the jury assessed the vehicles and the teams’ work in terms of the autonomy of the work done in developing and producing the car and its components, considering the work required to create the unit.